Title          : Save MORE Tax

Details : From 2014 you can save Rs.49500 by investing Rs.1,50,000. That's what the Budget 2014 presented by the newly elected BJP Government says. They have hiked the maximum investments U/s 80C from 1,00,000 to 1,50,000. As a result, someone who is in 30% Tax bracket can save Rs.49500, and for those in 20% and 10% bracket, it is Rs.30000 and Rs.15000 respectively. The Beauty of Tax Saving investment is : You invest your money in some tax saving investment options, you save on paying income tax and after the maturity period you get back your investment + returns. Among Tax saving option, the best avenue to invest and save tax is ELSS Mutual Funds. These are equity mutual funds with 3 years lock in period. And the added advantage is : The dividends received are tax free + the Capital gain on maturity is again tax free. We have well researched mutual funds which can be of great use to your tax saving plans. Do call us @ 9944193339 for more information. Email: easyinvest@gmail.com