Title          : Emotionless Investing Strategies:

Details : Investing is an art. To be succesful in investment, you need investible funds, knowledge, patience and strategy. Beyond HOW MUCH you invest, HOW You Invest determines the end results - higher investment returns. It is common for investors to get carried away with the TV commentators, magazine write up's and friends influence. As a result they get caught in herd mentality. They invest when everyone is investing and panic when everyone is panicking. Though it is easier to advocate ideal investment habits like Warren Buffet's Value investing, investors are able to practise it rarely. At EASY Investments, we understood this 'need' and developed investment strategies called "Emotionless Investing Strategies". Since 2009, (post 2008 market crash), in the volatile market conditions our strategies have delivered superior investment returns. We have strategies for both direct stock market investing and mutual funds. We have published articles on them in our magazines and in our blog. To read this complete article, visit the page: http://easyinv.blogspot.in/2012/12/emotionless-investing_2.html